Regional Snapshot: 2021 Metro Atlanta Speaks in Summation

Blog post by Jim Skinner, Layla Bellows
December 6, 2021

Neighborhood Nexus   (Atlanta)

So as we have told you (and shown you) there are tons of data already out from Metro Atlanta Speaks (MAS) 2021. There is an MAS web page on the Atlanta Regional Commission’s site with highlights, slide decks, the current year’s question list, and a methodology. There is an interactive data dashboard that allows self-exploration and custom querying of most of our dataset from 2016 to 2021. There is a post out already on time trends in perceptions of the region’s biggest problem. But there has been no summary of the findings yet…not in visual form. And hey, that is what we do…visualizations. With data. The wait is over — check out this Regional Snapshot: Metro Atlanta Speaks PDF or access the slideshare below.