Regional Neighborhood Delineation Project

Presentation by Mingming Zhang
May 22, 2014

Shift Research Lab   (Denver*)

The Piton Foundation's Data Initiative has a long, successful history of providing community information. Two of the program's main tools, Community Facts and School Facts, allow visitors to find information and perform basic analysis on Denver’s neighborhoods and schools. Although these applications were considered technologically advanced when they were launched on Piton's website in 2004, they have since become outdated. The Data Initiative recently announced that it is launching a new Community Facts tool with a regional focus. Through this project, the Data Initiative will develop a classification scheme, analyzing quantitative data with statistical process and spatial analysis to delineate neighborhoods’ boundaries for the remainder of the seven-county Denver region. This regional neighborhood layer will serve as the reporting unit in the new Community Facts, allowing the Data Initiative to continue its history of communicating information in easy-to-understand visuals while reaching an expanded regional community.

Event Name: 
NNIP Idea Showcase & Quarterly Update