Reading in Hamilton County 2003

Report by Teletha L. McJunkin, Ione Farrar
December 31, 2003

(Inactive) Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies   (Chattanooga)

Illiteracy has significant consequences for both the individual and the community. This report analyzes literacy for kindergartners, third and eighth grade students and adults. Countywide, 27% of entering kindergartners were considered not ready-to-learn, 29 percent of third grade students scored below proficent on reading tests, and an estimated 15 percent of population age 16 and over were at the lowest level of literacy.

The highest incidence of overall reading deficiency is concentrated in the inner-city and inner-ring suburbs, with the notable exception of the Bakewell community, which is a rural community located in northern Hamilton County.

The appendix documents the methodology for the child reading scores and the estimates of adult literacy through Decennial Census indicators.