Presentation on Strategic Use of Local Data

Video by Leah Hendey
September 26, 2012

Urban–Greater DC   (Washington, D.C.)

This presentation discusses how local and national administrative and research data sets can be combined to provide important information on conditions and trends in Prince George’s County related to the housing market and foreclosure crisis, and changes in demographics. By overlaying data from different sources, it is possible to see the intersection of issues and concerns and develop more comprehensive and effective responses. In particular, by using data at the address level and other small geographies, both researchers and practitioners are able to look beyond the countywide trends that may mask underlying differences and discover how conditions vary across neighborhoods within the County. Analysis such as this can inform discussion about how the local response may need to vary and how available resources can be allocated most effectively, particular important in times when resources may be scarce. This presentation includes examples from other local NNIP partners on how they have used data to drive to improve their local communities.

Event Name: 
2012 Speaker Series: Prince George's County Planning Department, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission