Preparing and Fielding High-Quality Surveys

Report by Kait Hildner, Elizabeth Oo, Peter Tatian
July 19, 2015

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

Promise Neighborhoods are required to collect population-level data to report on performance indicators every year. For several of these indicators, they must use surveys to collect information on children, parents, and families living within the Promise Neighborhood footprint and students attending target schools. A number of Promise Neighborhoods have also found surveys to be an important tool for building better connections with their communities. Collecting high-quality survey data that are reliable, replicable, and aligned with the indicator definitions can be challenging, particularly for community organizations that have not conducted surveys before. This document provides examples and best practices intended to help with the planning, management, and documentation necessary to successfully implement high-quality neighborhood and school climate surveys. Though geared toward the requirements of Promise Neighborhoods, much of this guidance should also be helpful to other organizations conducting similar neighborhood or school surveys in their communities.