Preliminary Baseline Data Report

Report by UMKC Center for Economic Information
February 1, 2010

The Mid-America Regional Council   (Kansas City)

An important element of the Green Impact Zone is to collect and develop as much data as possible about the Green Impact Zone and then use that data to develop strategies and measure progress. This is a preliminary report of the first set of data collected about the Green Impact Zone. This data is presented at this time with little analysis, but it is hoped that is useful to generate conversations and ideas and to support existing programs. The data found in this preliminary report includes the following: 

  • Results of a property by property windshield survey of housing conditions, property conditions, and public infrastructure conditions in the Green Impact Zone conducted by the UMKC Center for Economic Information in partnership with the Green Impact Zone staff. 
  • Results of a survey and analysis of the historic character of the Green Impact Zone conducted by the UMKC Department of Architecture Urban Planning and Design. 
  • Property data provided the city of Kansas City and Jackson County. 
  • Crime data provided by the KCMO Police Department 
  • Secondary data from US Census and other federal and local data sources.

The report was prepared by the UMKC Center for Economic Information with guidance and assistance from the Green Impact Zone Data Committee. Making use of this data will require a careful analysis by the Data Committee, neighborhood leaders, and neighborhood residents of what “stories” the data is telling and how best to use this information to develop and design programs to meet the needs of the community. That process is only just beginning.