NNIP and Open Data Panel

Video by Kathy Pettit, Jack Madans, Bob Gradeck, Steve Spiker
June 20, 2013

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

This session was part of the NNIP Partners' Meeting in September 2012. The purpose of this session is to help local partners consider how their organization and the NNIP network can productively engage with governmental and non-governmental advocates and practitioners of open data. The second part of the session will cover what NNIP as a Network should be doing to advance open government data. Kathy Pettit will present general ideas based on the network’s experiences to date, and Jack Madans will offer other ideas from CfA’s perspective.

Bob Gradeck: minute 0

Steve Spiker:  minute 20

Jack Madans: minute 32


D2 6 P1 NNIP and Open Data H.264 from NNIP on Vimeo.

D2 6 P2 NNIP and Open Data H.264 from NNIP on Vimeo.