Neighborhoods and Health: Building Evidence for Local Policy

Report by Kathryn L.S. Pettit, G. Thomas Kingsley, Claudia J. Coulton
May 30, 2003

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this report summarizes a project conducted by the Urban Institute and five partners in the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership--Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Oakland and Providence. For the first component of the project, each site compiled and analyzed new neighborhood-level indicators pertaining to local health issues and used the data to further local health improvement initiatives. For the second component, researchers examined relationships across sites between neighborhood conditions and five key health indicators (teen birthrates, rates of early prenatal care, rates of low-birth-weight births, infant mortality rates, and age-adjusted mortality rates).  The entire report is available in HTML format.