Memphis Property Hub and Bluff City Snapshot

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September 1, 2020

Innovate Memphis   (Memphis)

Since 2015, Innovate Memphis has worked with government, neighborhood and university representatives to complete a parcel-by-parcel windshield survey for residential properties in Memphis. The collected data formed the foundation by which we could add other public and place-based data layers, including code enforcement violations, construction permits pulled, ownership, tax delinquency, utility cut-offs and more. This larger database became the Memphis Property Hub (MPH), which is now accessed by 100+ users through the LandGrid platform. Another Bluff City Snapshot windshield survey, which leverages the Memphis Property Hub and LandGrid technologies, will wrap up in 2020, in a partnership between the University of Memphis and Code Enforcement, with support from Innovate Memphis and NPI. 

The Memphis Property Hub has been used to explore the landlords with the most code violations, evaluate vacancy, and understand where students live relative to the schools they attend. The University of Memphis Center for Applied Earth Sciences and Engineering Research also performed blight cluster analysis using MPH.