Meet the D3 Summer Interns! (Part 2)

Blog post by Data Driven Detroit
June 18, 2015

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

In our last post, we introduced D3’s pilot summer internship program and interviewed our three data analysis interns.  Now, we’re introducing Jessica Waligora, our Web Development Intern, and Lucas Munson, our Marketing/Outreach Intern.  As with our three data analysis interns, Lucas and Jessica are working on community-focused projects of their own invention, adapting the traditionally internal focus of their positions into design and outreach  initiatives that will have significant benefits for the Detroit community!

Broadly, Jessica will be taking the interactive tools that Data Driven Detroit has to offer and converting them into a format that the public can use. She will also be helping with the development and upkeep of Data Driven Detroit’s new website.  As the Marketing/Outreach intern, Lucas stated, "While all of D3’s data is available online, many people do not regularly have access to a computer, or simply prefer to see things on paper (like myself). My goal is to create maps and other forms of information that are relevant to a particular community, and make them available for any resident by placing them in community centers, libraries, and other common places."