MassBuilds: MAPC Launches New Development Database

Website by MAPC
May 27, 2017

Metropolitan Area Planning Council   (Boston)

MAPC is excited to relaunch MassBuilds, formerly known as Development Database. MassBuilds is an online, interactive repository of past, present, and planned developments – from large to small, commercial to residential – across the Commonwealth. MassBuilds lets users explore projects in full detail and search by geography, project status, development size, year of completion, and much more.  

You can’t plan what you don’t know. And until now, it’s been very difficult to know what development projects are planned, permitted, or documented across jurisdictions – and sometimes even across the street. 

MassBuilds gives you a basis for big picture thinking. This tool lets you know what’s going where, and when. It gives you a window into development trends – in aggregate, over time, and town by town. All in one place, all in a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Want to get information on all MassBuilds developments? MassBuilds data is easy to download, straight from the site. 

Visit MassBuilds today. Get to know the projects around you. And get planning. 

How Does MassBuilds Collect Data?

MassBuilds is a collaborative venture: anyone can contribute data! MAPC staff moderate all additions and contributions to the site, ensuring data quality and curating accurate up-to-date development library. Visit MassBuilds today to add your project or to inquire about becoming a Municipal Data Steward.   

MassBuilds is still in its beta version stage, so if you encounter any technical problems or have any difficulty using the site, do not hesitate to let us know. For more information about MassBuilds or any of MAPC’s other data and analysis tools, please contact Sarah Philbrick, MAPC Research Analyst at