Lessons from Detroit: Empowering the Community through Data Training

Blog post by Stephanie Quesnelle
August 2017

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is metropolitan Detroit’s community data hub. We collect, analyze, interpret and share accessible, high-quality data and information to drive informed decision-making. Our work is focused on increasing data-driven outcomes and collaborative planning processes throughout metro Detroit and Michigan. In that vein, D3 offers trainings and workshops to help community leaders and residents learn how to utilize data to improve their work.  

I spoke to Monique Tate, a community activist who has served her community for over 25 years. Monique works to increase resident participation in community development activities; redevelop commercial corridors; and enrich all Detroiters with improved internet access and digital literacy skills through the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition. From 2013 to 2015, D3 offered a series of workshops that taught attendees how to collect their own data, access D3 and the city’s open data portals, and visualize the data. Monique attended several of these trainings and in turn helped plan workshops during the Motor City Mapping project.