Infant Mortality Research Partnership (IMRP) Dashboard

Website by Ohio State's Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
February 2022

Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA)   (Columbus)

Since 2018, CURA has participated in the Infant Mortality Research Partnership (IMRP), whose collective goal is to determine where and to whom interventions should be targeted to reduce infant mortality, and how those interventions should be implemented.

CURA and researchers from the OSU Department of Geography and OSU Colleges of Medicine Government Resources Center gathered sociodemographic, clinical factors, and service delivery (Medicaid) data and developed a custom web dashboard to make this data more accessible to researchers and service planners at Ohio Departments of Medicaid, Health, and Education. Additionally, the CURA/Geography team identified geographic clusters of infant mortality from address-level data and developed a census tract-level composite opportunity index to help the agencies target interventions more effectively.

To date, access to the data and the dashboard have been limited to IMRP collaborators, however the partnership is considering making the dashboard and some subset of the data available to the public.