Incorporating Equity into Your Data Viz

Video by Jonathan Schwabish
May 13, 2021

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

People who work with data must think intentionally about how we can learn from and speak to audiences that reflect the rich diversity of people and communities. Failing to recognize the diversity in these groups will further exacerbate—and potentially contribute to—the inequities that have served to shape the world.  

Drawing from his guide, "Do No Harm Guide: Applying Equity Awareness in Data Visualization", Jon Schwabish of the Urban Institute, during a workshop at NNIP Month in May 2021, presented practical ways to be more purposeful about designing data communication products that apply an equity lens to not just the words, colors, icons, and other elements in our charts and graphs, but also to the process of crafting these communication products. The training was followed by small group discussions of questions that should be considered as you develop visualizations to tell stories with data.

Watch the video of the workshop on YouTube: