Houston in Flux: Understanding a Decade of Bayou City Development

Report by Kelsey A. Walker, Dr. Kyle K. Shelton
May 2016

Kinder Institute for Urban Research   (Houston)

This report quantifies, visualizes and analyzes new construction and demolition in Harris County between 2005 and 2015. By showing both demolition and construction, this report spotlights the effects of economic booms and busts, illuminates the locations where development pressures are either most extreme or nonexistent and draws attention to communities rebuilding themselves within a decade. These changes are often discussed anecdotally in Houston, but quantifying construction and demolition offers a concrete and nuanced look at how these processes affect different parts of the region. Redevelopment, preservation, outward growth and gentrification can all be spotted in the maps included in the report and in the accompanying interactive online map (www.houstoninflux.com).

The report and accompanying interactive component serve two purposes. First, the report is an example of forthcoming Kinder Institute “landscape” analyses that will establish a baseline understanding of important critical issues facing the Houston area. Second, the interactive map provides an accessible public tool that citizens, public entities, businesses and community-based organizations can utilize to better understand their respective communities