Framing Page for Collective Impact Session NNIP Portland 2012

Meeting Materials by The Urban Institute
February 2012

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

8:45–10:30 – Thursday morning

Civic leaders (and funders) in all cities are giving more and more attention to data driven decision making, increasingly emphasizing the use of indicators to monitor, and thereby motivate, improved performance by social institutions.  Hopes are high, however there is uncertainty about what really works and concerns about unrealistic expectations being set in some areas.

In this session Alaina Harkness, Lisa Pitman, Tim Bray, and Sarah Rankin will explore elements of approaches that are out there and give us their take on lessons for directions NNIP should take. Alaina will then lead a discussion among the presenters to further explore and clarify the potential roles for individual NNIP partners and for the partnership overall.  This will be followed by conversations at individual tables responding to four questions.

  1. What has your organization done in the field of performance management to date?
  2. Given what you have heard about the interests of civic leaders and funders in your community, what new efforts in this field relevant to your interests are underway now or seem likely to be initiated?
  3. What role do you think your organization can best play in this environment?  What do you need to do position yourself to make the most useful contribution?
  4. What should the NNIP partnership overall do to make a contribution in this field – national action and supporting local action?


Following this, one representative from each table will report out on the most important conclusion that emerged from the discussion.