Detroit Creative Worker Census Results

Report by Data Driven Detroit
March 2022

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

This is an interactive report that presents findings from Detroit’s Creative Worker Census. The  survey  was conducted in June 2021 by Data Driven Detroit (D3) and JFM Consulting Group (JFM), with support from the Marygrove Conservancy (Marygrove) and the City of Detroit’s Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship Office (ACE). It aims to better understand the demographics, characteristics, and needs of artists and other creative workers who live or work in Detroit. Furthermore, the survey will help both Marygrove and ACE to design future programs and support structures to better meet these individuals’ needs. Specifically, Marygrove is looking to inform how they may be able to improve their facilities to help support and promote the Marygrove campus as an art and culture-focused neighborhood, while ACE is looking to demonstrate the reach and economic impact of artists in Detroit.