Delivering Civic Tech and Data Training Workshop Agenda

Meeting Materials by Urban Institute
September 13, 2016

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

This is an agenda for the Delivering Civic Tech and Data Training Workshop held on September 13, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The day begins over lunch with a welcome session, including two brief introductory presentations. Four presenters will then briefly share the basics of their trainings. After their session, everyone will break out into four small groups facilitated by each of the presenters.  Participants will be asked to choose one group for the "working session."   (Materials from all four trainings will be available to everyone).  Facilitators will walk participants through a staged session to plan and at minimum get a good start on adapting the given training materials for their own city.  The full group will come back together at the end for group report-out and discussion.