Deep Roots Drive Newhallville Stakeholders To Advance Neighborhood Equality

Blog post by Connecticut Health Investigative Team
August 5, 2021

DataHaven   (New Haven)

This blog post summarizes the historical and current conditions of Newhallville, a neighborhood in New Haven that faces poverty, violence, trauma, food deserts, and a "very low" child opportunity ranking. Data Haven references their 2019 report, which found that the average household in Newhallville earned $33,113 annually, compared with $73,781 statewide. In the last few years there have been several iniatives that work to improve the quality of life in Newhallville, including the Beulah Heights Social Integration ProgramCommunity Placemaking and Engagement Network (CPEN)ConnCAT, and the Hispanic Health Council. Although DataHaven notes some successes of these programs, they acknowledge the immense work that still needs to be done and mention that the neighborhood has changed, becoming demographically very mixed.