Community Profiles: Transferring Technology Across Partners - Powerpoint Slides

Presentation by Bob Gradeck, Emily Kulick, Kim Pierson
June 19, 2014

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)
(Inactive) The Providence Plan   (Providence)

In 2013, The Providence Plan launched the Rhode Island Community Profiles website—a tool to present data in a series of interactive tables, maps, graphs and charts. This web application allows users to visualize information from dozens of local, state, and federal data sources at numerous geographic scales from blocks, census tracts, and neighborhoods to larger geographies, such as municipalities, school districts, and counties.  

In late 2013, the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research contracted with The Providence Plan to adapt and deploy the tool for use in Southwestern Pennsylvania, thanks to support from the Allegheny County Department of Human Services Integrated Fund. One of the goals of this project is to make it easier to deploy the application in other cities, possibly as the platform for a shared cross-site indicators system. Join us as we demonstrate the tool, share our cross-site project experiences, and discuss how your city can adopt the profiles tool.