A Citywide Health Check-up, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Blog post by Camille Seaberry
March 2, 2017

DataHaven   (New Haven)

Take a close look at the neighborhood-by-neighborhood data from the 500 Cities project, a new collaboration by the CDC, the CDC Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which shows us both successes and disparities in the health of Connecticut cities.

The project’s innovative statistical estimates are published for all neighborhoods in the nation’s 500 largest cities, including New Haven and seven others in Connecticut, allowing public health practitioners and the general public to understand health care, health outcomes, and health-related behaviors at a hyper-local level.

Click here for a full report on the new data by DataHaven, which has been studying the new 500 Cities dataset with its statewide colleagues, and comparing it to measures collected directly through in-depth, live interviews with more than 16,000 randomly-selected adults around Connecticut.  DataHaven has also created online maps to explore the data.