CamConnect map marks status of city properties

News article by Kevin C. Shelly
February 5, 2015

(Inactive) CamConnect   (Camden)

Anyone driving through certain neighborhoods of Camden can see that abandoned properties are a major issue. But nothing illustrates residents' plight like hard numbers.

CamConnect, a nonprofit agency, compiles data as a means of empowering city residents. The organization analyzes healthcare access, poverty and other Camden concerns, but one of its biggest projects was an interactive housing map, created with the support of the Camden Community Development Association.

CamConnect and a corps of volunteers traveled the city block by block to gather information for the housing map. The result is a record independent of city figures that serves as a tool for residents and others in the community.

The Courier-Post is partnering with CamConnect to track the stories of Camden's abandoned properties. Reporter Kevin C. Shelly has written extensively about the issue, and continues his coverage as the city begins the first phase of demolishing vacant buildings.