Boston’s Education Pipeline: A Report Card

Report by Boston Foundation
December 11, 2008

Boston Indicators   (Boston)

This report for the first time examines in data-rich detail the entire arc of the educational experience in the city from early childhood through college or post-secondary training and on to the regional workforce. In addition to an unprecedented array of information provided for every school in the district system, the report presents a wealth of contextual information about factors that can inform the ability of Boston school children to make full and best use of what has been described as the best large urban school system in the country.

Achieving gold-standard educational outcomes for all children, regardless of family income or racial/ethnic background, is arguably the nation’s greatest challenge.

If any American city has what it takes to create a seamless and effective education pipeline that works for all children, it is Boston. Birthplace ofAmerican public education, icon of world-class higher education and home to a highly skilled workforce, Boston’s challenge today is to strengthen its education pipeline on behalf of homegrown talent.

In this Report Card, the education pipeline begins at birth and continues through Pre-K-12 education, higher education and the workforce. Ideally, each segment prepares each child for the next phase of learning, particularly boosting the life chances of children born into less advantaged homes.