Because I’m Special: A Custom Tabulation for Transportation

Presentation by Jim Hubbell
May 30, 2014

The Mid-America Regional Council   (Kansas City)

Using ACS Data From NHGIS, Summary Files, IPUMS, PUMS, and Custom Tabulations 
Moderator: Qian Cai, Demographics and Workforce Group, University of Virginia 
1. NHGIS: An Integrated Data Portal for ACS Summary Files and a Whole Lot More ▪ Jonathan Schroeder, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota 
2. The Advantages of Accessing American Community Survey Summary Data via FTP and Methods for Connecting Across Time ▪ John DeWitt, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan 
3. Obtaining ACS Microdata from IPUMS ▪ Katie Genadek, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota 
4. PUMS: The Weighting is the Hardest Part ▪ Gregg Bell, Alabama State Data Center  
5. Because I’m Special: A Custom Tabulation for Transportation ▪ Penelope Weinberger, AASHTO and Jim Hubbell, Mid-America Regional Council 


Event Name: 
American Community Survey Data Users Conference