Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis: Action Oriented Research in Metropolitan Atlanta

Report by Michael J. Rich, Michael Carnathan, Dan Immergluck
May 21, 2009

Neighborhood Nexus   (Atlanta)

Produced for the NNIP cross-site initiative on Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis, this report includes the following sections:

  1. A general introduction to the Atlanta region and the recent dynamics of the foreclosure crisis;
  2. A report of the progress in acquiring local data and presents a preliminary analysis of the data that has been acquired and analyzed to date;
  3. Findings based on an inventory of local responses to the foreclosure crisis in the greater Atlanta area, information gathered largely from a series of meetings convened by the Atlanta team to learn more about the programs, activities, and interventions underway and the organizations responsible for leading these efforts
  4. Recommendations of task force participants regarding their most pressing data and information needs concerning the foreclosure crisis as well as their suggestions for actions that could be taken to help foster a peer learning network on local responses to the foreclosure crisis.
  5. Immediate next steps and planned actions for continuing the engagement of regional stakeholders in examining and assessing local responses to the foreclosure crisis in metropolitan Atlanta.