Action for Children Childcare Supply Map

Website by Ohio State's Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
February 2022

Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA)   (Columbus)

CURA developed the Childcare Supply Map for Action for Children (AFC), a not-for-profit referral agency for childcare services in Central Ohio and a resource for parents/custodians and childcare service providers. AFC maintains a value-added database of childcare providers in Central Ohio that includes data from Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, but is augmented by data collected and maintained by AFC. CURA developed a custom web map for AFC, known as the Childcare Supply 20 Map that allowed them to present the address-level content from their database to the public in a more useful way.

CURA also developed scripts for automatically geocoding and validating the data in the database, which led to the discovery and correction of several defects in the data. CURA’s map was included on the AFC website for several years until AFC transitioned to an in-house Tableau-based map, which incorporated some of the design elements of CURA's version.