8 Key Findings from 2 Years of the COVID Community Data Lab

Report by Anne Calef
June 22, 2022

Boston Indicators   (Boston)

Launched in April 2020 by Boston Indicators and the Center for Housing Data at the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, the COVID-19 Community Data Lab (CCDL) was a platform for analyzing the wide-ranging social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Greater Boston. The CCDL grew from a data repository of real-time data sources to include research briefs on topics ranging from housing stability to traffic patterns as well as the Seizing the Moment: Proposals for a Just and Equitable Recovery series written in partnership with other community leaders and advocates.

Two years and 48 research briefs later, this final CCDL brief presents eight interesting trends and patterns we observed. We will no longer be updating the data repository, but the archive will remain available, and we will continue to advance research focused on building an equitable recovery from the pandemic.