How to Engage Your Community with Health Data: Hosting a 500 Cities Event

June 13, 2017

Oktawia Wojcik
Corianne Scally
Kathy Pettit
Katie Pritchard

This webinar shows how you can mobilize community action on health through hosting a local event centered on the new 500 Cities neighborhood-level health data.

In December 2016, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the CDC Foundation released the 500 Cities dataset - estimates of adult chronic disease, unhealthy behaviors, and preventive care for census tracts in 500 of the largest American cities.

Hosting local events that introduce the 500 Cities data and engage diverse partners beyond the usual suspects can generate new ideas to advance health. A new guide discusses how to set goals, select an event format, engage a diverse group of participants, and highlight the 500 Cities data and other complementary data and community action resources to advance cross-sector partnerships on health.

In this webinar, you you can hear experts:
• describe the 500 Cities project and the resources available to those desiring to know more about the data
• demonstrate how to use the new guide to plan a local event, and
• discuss their experience in hosting a local event around the 500 Cities data

To learn more about the project and resources, visit the NNIP 500 Cities Page