Using Small Area Data

Shares the importance of neighborhood context in understanding client needs and teaches how to geocode client data and map it alongside neighborhood indicators

by NeighborhoodInfo DC

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff

This training helps nonprofits better understand their client population. It introduces participants to small-area data and other data concepts using such examples as NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Neighborhood Change Database. The training teaches participants to map the data using the open-source mapping program QGIS and create thematic maps based on their desired indicators. (Other GIS programs could be used.)

This training was first offered in 2015 during a convening for Measure4Change, a program of the World Bank Group and the Urban Institute to increase the performance measurement capacity of Washington, DC-area nonprofits. Because the training includes client data, it covers many of the issues involved in confidential data acquisition, including preparing requests and data use agreements. 

Creative Commons License

Course Categories: National Data Source, Software, Evaluation / Program Mgmt.