Navigating the Quality of Life Explorer

Offers detailed exercises for navigating the local website to access local data

by City of Charlotte

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff, government staff, unaffiliated residents

This two-hour training teaches participants to use the Quality of Life Explorer, an interactive dashboard that includes social, housing, economic, environmental, and safety data from Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The Quality of Life Explorer has over 80 variables providing information on housing stock, household income, health, education, crime rates, jobs, community engagement, and other fields. Maps, trend information, tables, and summary reports are available for 462 neighborhood areas.

Using the Quality of Life Explorer ( as the data source, the City of Charlotte conducts training on finding data and using it primarily for organizational strategic planning, grant writing, and setting goals for neighborhood organizations. By the end of the training, participants can access and use data to complete a work-related task, such as grant writing or storytelling. 

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Course Categories: Local Data Website