Unleashing Open Data: Civic Hacking for More Livable Cities

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

October 2014

Steven Adler, Information Strategist, IBM
Jerry Paffendorf, Co-Founder and CEO, LOVELAND Technologies
Erica Raleigh, Director, DataDrivenDetroit
David Edinger, Chief Performance Officer, City of Denver

The opening up of urban data and public access into city data portals have unleashed new opportunities for a multitude of stakeholders including gov- ernment managers, entrepreneurs, citizens, and hacktivists. New questions keep emerging: Which intermediary organizations are playing larger roles in the way raw data gets analyzed, shared, displayed? Can urban data help when communities decide to repurpose valuable but underutilized assets? What obstacles prevent open data from being harnessed in ways that make positive change possible? Which government policies make it easier for some cities to excel in the innovation race? What methods for barrier-busting have helped some cities to successfully leverage the power of their data?