Understanding Household Income Shifts in Chicago Neighborhoods

Institute for Housing Studies   (Chicago)

September 2018

IHS analyzed which Chicago neighborhoods are adding or losing households at different income levels, broke down some of the different patterns and trends that emerge from the data, and let users explore the variation in Chicago neighborhoods through charts and an interactive map.

IHS produced this analysis as part of a larger project commissioned by the City of Chicago to build data to inform advisory group discussions around the City’s next Five-Year Housing Plan. Seen at a high level, these data point to seemingly contradictory trends of a shrinking city with growing prosperity, but when examined at the neighborhood-level the data reveal that both of these stories are true. Some neighborhoods are gentrifying with substantial growth in higher-income households, while others are seeing a growth in low-income households. Still, others are experiencing declines in households at every income level. Variations across neighborhoods highlight the spectrum of issues faced by our communities and also point to the need for policy remedies to address the unique challenges of each neighborhood type.