State of the Detroit Child 2012

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

January 2013

The outmigration that resulted in Detroit’s 25 percent population loss between 2000 and 2010 was driven, to a large degree, by families with children. In spite of that loss, children still accounted for 190,347 of Detroit’s residents, or 27 percent of the city’s total population.  The State of the Detroit Child 2012 report tells their story. For more highlights from the report, see the press release.

From the introduction of the report:

The Skillman Foundation commissioned Data Driven Detroit, or D3, as it is commonly known, to create the State of the Detroit Child Report, an annual comprehensive data view of Detroit children from birth to age 18. This report is as much about today’s child as it is about how well Detroit’s children will be prepared to navigate the Detroit of the future. Children can only thrive physically, emotionally and academically when parents, extended families, communities, and schools provide the complex network of supports they need. The 2012 State of the Detroit Child report is designed to provide baseline information for policy-makers, educators, child advocates, and community stakeholders to guide current benchmarking and future decision-making.

Targeted investment in Detroit kids today is necessary so they can be productive citizens and active participants in the city’s turnaround. D3 has once again created an excellent tool for us to glean valuable information about the state of our city’s youth. We rely on this report, and we think others invested in the city’s future should, too.