A Spatial Analysis of Grocery Stores & Food Prices in the City of Chattanooga & Hamilton County

(Inactive) Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies   (Chattanooga)


Food Access and Price is a follow up to a 2009 Ochs Center analysis that more than 70% of outlets that accept food stamps are “fringe food” outlets that often do not carry fresh produce.  Food and Price found that while Hamilton County and Chattanooga residents overall have adequate access to grocery stores, residents in parts of the inner city of Chattanooga and the outlying areas of the county lack access and as a result pay higher prices for essential food items.  The Ochs Center study also found that access is linked to price.  Based on a market basket survey, residents of East Chattanooga and Highland Park/Bushtown – where there are no grocery stores, only fringe food outlets – pay prices for food that are approximately thirty percent higher than the county average and approximately fifty percent higher than prices in East Ridge.