Partnerships to bring Park Heights Promise Neighborhoods Initiative

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance   (Baltimore)

May 2009

The Center for Urban Families' (CFUF) in partnership with the Baltimore City Office of the Mayor, Baltimore City Public Schools, KIPP Baltimore, the Park Heights Renaissance, Social Solutions, DLA Piper and other educational, community, philanthropic, public and private organizations, in response to the Department of Education's Promise Neighborhoods request for proposals (CDFA Number 84.215P), is pleased to present the Park Heights Promise Neighborhoods Initiative (PHPNI). Park Heights is a 1,500- acre community comprised of two major statistical areas, Southern Park Heights and Pimlico Arlington Hilltop, numerous smaller neighborhoods, and an estimated 30,000 residents. There are some limited commercial (primarily retail) and industrial uses, but Park Heights is mainly characterized by residential uses. These range from stable, attractive developments to contiguous blocks of abandoned houses and more than 2000 vacant lots and buildings. The PHPNI will target interventions and coordinate service provision for students and families of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary/Middle and Northwestern Senior High School, two low-performing schools serving the PH community. Additionally, the PH PNI will work with KIPP Harmony, a high-performing school serving PH families to expand access to high-quality education opportunities. Family and youth supports provided through the PHPNI, will be accessible by the general PH community through community resource hubs and a network of community based programs serving all PH residents