NNIPCamp: Pittsburgh

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

May 2015

"NNIPCamp" is a series of concurrent sessions co-created by meeting participants during the May 2015 Partners' Meeting. The purpose was to bring together a critical mass of people who are passionate about a particular topic and allow the creative juices to flow.

Session I – Wednesday, 2p-3p

  • Pittsburgh/Erie: Neighborhood Change Database -  Rob Pitingolo
  • Philadelphia: Discussion of Data and Research in "Legacy cities"- Bob Gradeck
  • Harrisburg/Lancaster: Working/Building City Hall Data Support Systems - Tim Bray
  • Butler: NNIP and the Fed - Naomi Cytron
  • Foyer: New Cross-site Projects - Jeff Matson


Session II – Wednesday, 3:15p-4:15p

  • Pittsburgh/Erie: Regional Data Centers - Scott Gaul
  • Philadelphia: Definitions of Civic Engagement - Preston Rhea
  • Harrisburg/Lancaster: Asking People Questions about Their Community, Quality of Life, Health and Well-being - Mark Abraham
  • Butler: Local Labor Market Indicators Using Data from LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and CareerBuild - Matt Gee
  • Foyer: New Cross-site Project Brainstorming Session - Max Weselcouch


Session III – Thursday, 2:45p-3:45p

  • Pittsburgh/Erie: Community Data/Tech Ecosystem - Kathy Pettit, Tamir Novotny, and Preston Rhea
  • Philadelphia: Involving All Partner Staff - Bob Gradeck
  • Harrisburg/Lancaster: Current Performance Management Practices - Jake Cowan
  • Scranton: