New report on opioid and substance abuse in Alameda County during the pandemic

Urban Strategies Council   (Oakland)

December 2020

Urban Strategies Council completed a report with policy recommendations based on qualitative data on opioids use disorder in communities of color in Alameda, Solano, and Contra Costa counties.  It noted opioids and other substance use is increasing because of COVID-19 in the context of rising stress, domestic violence, and other socio-economic pressures. The project accomplished twenty-six (26) interactive community workshops branded as Real Talk Conversation to engage the African American community. Four hundred and eighty (480) participants attended the workshops either in person or virtually; 77% of which are African Americans. During the workshops, the team provided mental health counselors and information on access to substance use treatment. That project is a new successful milestone towards health equity to Urban Strategies Council's breadth of work. The final report will be available by the beginning of 2021.