New Report Demystifies Technology for Civic Data Integration

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)


NNIP partnered with the MetroLab Network and Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) to commission a new report, "Technology for Civic Data Integration" to provide guidance on information architecture and technical approaches for data integration.
The report aims to better equip state and local governments who are establishing or strengthening their data sharing and integration activities to improve services through evidence-based policy-implementation, research, and collaboration. It focuses on integrating data in the human and social service domains, drawing from NNIP and AISP’s long-standing leadership in the field, and developed as part of MetroLab’s Data Science and Human Services Lab. The report addresses a complex topic with digestible and practical perspectives for government officials, social sector employees, and university collaborators. Organized around seven key considerations for making decisions about information architecture, each section of the report includes questions for consideration and resources.  An appendix provides sample job descriptions. 
Natalie Evans Harris, a nationally-recognized leader at the intersection of strategic data usage and policy, is the lead author, with input from a core working group assembled by MetroLab, NNIP, and AISP of leaders in the field from local governments, universities, research organizations, and the private sector. The Annie E. Casey Foundation supported the development of this report.