Neighborhood Nexus Wins the RWJ 500 Cities Data Challenge

Neighborhood Nexus   (Atlanta)

May 2018

Neighborhood Nexus, the NNIP Partner in Atlanta, is one of ten winners of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 500 Cities Challenge. Neighborhood Nexus is a project of the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta. Neighborhood Nexus will create a Health and Wellness Toolkit that will inform policy interventions and strengthen community collaborations to address critical public health needs and build a healthier community. They will pilot the toolkit in four cities that represent distinct geographic areas of Georgia: Atlanta, Albany, Columbus, and Savannah. 

Pairing the 500 Cities data with other data about the social determinants of health, the toolkit will include three primary components: analytics, visualizations, and workshops.  The workshops will convene community stakeholders across sectors to learn, collaborate. and implement successful solutions to their community’s public health needs.

Neighborhood Nexus will partner with several other local organizations to implement the toolkit, including the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Heath Improvement, Georgia Health Policy Center, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, United Way of Greater Atlanta and Georgia Global Heath Alliance.