Mapping Displacement Pressure in Chicago Neighborhoods

Institute for Housing Studies   (Chicago)

December 2017

The project “Mapping Displacement Pressure in Chicago Neighborhoods” illustrates how the Institute of Housing Studies helps people across sectors better understand neighborhood dynamics. Staff developed an indicator to identify neighborhoods at risk of rapid price appreciation, lost housing affordability, and potential displacement. Using local and national data sources on housing conditions and demographic characteristics, they identified three categories of displacement risk for neighborhoods. Community groups are using this framework to inform the creation of proactive and inclusive strategies to support stability in the affordable housing stock and limit potential displacement of current residents. To make the information more accessible, users can visualize the results on an interactive mapping tool (insert link The tool allows users to explore areas where 1) house prices recently appreciated at levels above the city average and where 2) a significant share of residents is vulnerable to displacement. IHS is now exploring the implications of displacement risk for equitable transit-oriented development, park development, and school enrollment.