The Institute for Urban Policy Research hosts youth summit on issues of racial justice

Institute for Urban Policy Research   (Dallas)

November 2014

On November 8th, 2014, the Institute for Urban Policy Research in conjunction with several other organizations in the area, hosted the first ever youth summit dedicated to exploring the topics of race, justice, and identity here in Dallas.  72 students from across the city were invited to participate in the day-long event, which featured workshops that touched on relevant subjects such as race, education, sports, and culture. The conference was free to the students and provided a framework for youth to understand racial justice concepts and to give them a platform for addressing racial justice issues in their schools and communities. It also empowered students to examine and tell their own story and use their voice through inquiry and discovery. In addition, the conference provided a space for students to be inspired and learn how to become advocates and see themselves as agents of change. Students left the conference equipped with the beginnings of a toolkit for dismantling racism in schools and communities and with a deepened awareness of local history and how racial justice plays into their everyday lives.