Hill District Vacant Property Plan

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

March 2012 to August 2012

The PNCIS was part of a team selected to prepare a plan for vacant properties in Pittsburgh's Hill District neighborhood. Our work will involve the collection of parcel-based data in the Hill District, including property assessment, ownership, land use, tax, and sales records to paint a full picture of vacant property in the Hill District. The project will begin in March 2012.

This parcel data will provide a solid foundation for analysis of the neighborhood at multiple geographic scales, including properties, blocks, and neighborhoods.  The analysis will also identify parcels that meet various acquisition and re-use criteria to operationalize action steps allowing for the implementation of neighborhood plans.

In addition to data collection UCSUR will also work with other members of the project team to explore effective land management and re-use practices in other cities, and determine their applicability to Pittsburgh. The parcel information will be published on an interactive mapping Website, allowing community residents and other stakeholders to view parcel information in the Hill District.