Growing Transit Communities: A Corridor Action Strategy for Central Puget Sound

Communities Count   (Seattle)

February 2011 - January 2014

Growing Transit Communities will help local communities make the most of new light rail service, bus rapid transit and other transit investments, with the goal of putting jobs and opportunity closer to where people live.  The result will be communities that all people can afford to live in, where they can walk or take a train or a bus to work, and have good access to shopping and other activities.  Making sure that transit investments and the changes that come with them are as balanced and fair as possible, Growing Transit Communities mobilizes residents and community groups representing diverse populations to participate in local planning and decision-making.

As a consortium member, Public Health - Seattle & King County is a member of the following Growing Transit Communities groups:

  • Oversight Committee - sets and approves project goals, shapes and sustains the vision for the project.  
  • Regional Equity Network Steering Committee - responsible for overseeing the Regional Equity Network and assessment of equitable development needs in the corridors 
  • Corridor Task Forces  - develops recommendations for corridor action strategies