Four Georgia Cities Tackle Upstream Factors Impacting Health with 500 Cities Data

Neighborhood Nexus   (Atlanta)

May 2019

As part of the 500 Cities Data Challenge, Neighborhood Nexus’s Georgia Healthy Cities project from June 2018 to May 2019 created Health and Wellness Toolkits to help break the health services silo and facilitate cooperation across sectors to tackle the upstream factors impacting health.

They worked with four cities representing four distinct geographic areas of Georgia: Albany, Atlanta, Columbus and Savannah. For each city, Neighborhood Nexus offered:

  • Analytics: Indicators from the 500 Cities datasets illustrated the health of residents in the four cities compared to other places.
  • Visualization Tools: A suite of data visualization tools to help the community and local governments better understand the public health indicators that affect the quality of life in each community.
  • Community Conversations: Workshops held in partnership with local community health advocate partners that included health equity discussions, identification of the highest risk diseases and a hands-on interactive learning of the visualization tools.