Emory University Aids DeKalb County in Targeted Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

(Inactive) Emory University   (Atlanta)

January 2012

Emory’s Office of University-Community Partnerships (OUCP) is assisting DeKalb County with the preparation of their five-year consolidated plan for HUD and as part of that effort will be helping them launch a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization initiative, modeled in part, after the New Communities program in Chicago. The county intends to target two neighborhoods a year and over the course of the next five years, resulting in 10 neighborhoods with focused comprehensive neighborhood revitalization activities underway.  The Consolidated Plan will be a source of funding to help the neighborhoods implement their plans. Emory will be running a Community Building 101 institute to help build the county’s capacity to work collaboratively across departments and agencies as well as bringing in other government agencies (schools, county board of health) and nonprofits.