Discover HCDC: Connecting Changemakers with Data

Kinder Institute for Urban Research   (Houston)

November 2018

The Houston Community Data Connections (HCDC) compiles and organizes neighborhood level data from various sources to facilitate the use of data and inform decision-making. Besides providing technical assistance and research services to a variety of organizations such as nonprofits, government agencies, media and advocacy groups, we also engage with community and local stakeholders to understand the changes in and challenges to our neighborhoods, and ultimately to address equity issues.

At this workshop, participants will learn:

·       How to access data for a specific community in Harris County, Texas;

·       What the latest features are and what new indicators are available;

·       How to tell the stories of their neighborhood through maps, charts, and data analysis;

·       How to access technical assistance to better understand and use data;

·       What training opportunities are available

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