Designing your Atlanta: What Does the Data Say?

(Inactive) Atlanta Regional Commission   (Atlanta)

January 2017

Overview: Mike Carnathan from the Atlanta Regional Commission will provide a critique of the demographic and socioeconomic conditions that have created discrepant outcomes in the region and the city. Through an analysis of the data, he will discuss issues of inequality, housing affordability, access to jobs, the unequal recovery from the Great Depression, and show how these are spatially distributed.

Topical Questions: What will it take for the City of Atlanta to house more than a million people? Are we on track to become that city? How will the issues of generational poverty, inequality, and housing affordability be addressed to ensure sustainable growth? 

What You’ll Take Away: Better understanding of the city you live and work in A high-level view of the socioeconomic disparities challenging our growth and future Access to organizations and leaders who are working to improve the city A fun introduction to the application of data in real life.

Why It Matters: As Atlanta grows and changes it is important for us to look at the data and understand the current state of the city so we can better plan for the future.