D3's New Data Portal Design

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

May 2015

At Data Driven Detroit we’ve created a new data portal front page that is more aesthetically pleasing, simpler to navigate and more intuitive.  The redesign simplified the site, taking away extraneous purposes. Instead, we focused on three major functions:

  1. Locate, distribute and share data: This is the core function of the data portal and it is now more obvious that the data portal is made to locate and access data.
  2. Connect community members who need data with Data Driven Detroit: While we strive to make as much data available through the portal, there will always be a need for staff to help explain how to use data, what else is available and to perform further analysis.
  3. Expose a platform for developers to create new applications that use our data to serve the community:  Our data portal is built on a platform which has a full-featured and well-documented API. The new data portal interface makes it more clear how to access our data through the API.


In the future, we plan to further integrate our data platform architecture into the organization and make more of the data that we produce available to the public.  The new data portal interface can be found at the URL: portal.datadrivendetroit.org.