D3 Engages Southwest Detroit Teens through Community Youth Mapping Program

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

August 2011

Data Driven Detroit(D3) has partnered with Southwest Counseling Solutions to educate Southwest Detroit youth about the geography of their neighborhood as part of the Community Youth Mapping Program. Developed by the Center for Youth Development and Engagement, The Community Youth Mapping Program is a nationally reproduced model that has taken place in 100 other sites across America and is the focus of this recent Detroit News article. The program gives local teens the chance to make real change in their neighborhoods, while also gaining job skills through interaction with local professionals. The Detroit project is funded by the Skillman Foundation and is being managed within Southwest Counseling Solutions. Forty-eight youths, from 14-18 years of age, will be paid a small stipend to survey local businesses, non-profits, government agencies and churches through in-person interviews. These surveys will identify resources and opportunities for youth and their families in their community. As an added benefit, the youth will gain a stronger appreciation for the city around them as well as build networks for advancement.