Community workshop on equity and child resilience in Miami

The Children's Trust   (Miami)

June 2020

The Children’s Trust held a virtual community workshop, in concert with other agency partners, titled the IDEAS Synergy Event 2020, with a diverse group of 130 early childhood experts, from community agencies to interdisciplinary researchers and leading provider systems. The June 11 event began a community conversation about equity, key factors, and developing evidence to guide practices and policies.  Video of the sessions is available on the event website.

Workshop agenda

  1. Equity and integrated data use:  a presentation on centering equity in integrated data from Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
  2. Neighborhood risk and child resilience:  reviewing new mapping of neighborhood risks and child resilience across Miami-Dade using an integrated data system
  3. Interdisciplinary discussion of what factors might shape unexpected outcomes: highlighting community groups and protective factors in certain Little Havana and Little Haiti neighborhoods where children are doing better than expected.
  4. Implications for programs, policies, and research: a wrapup on how what they learned from the day should affect their future community work.